About Kaishine

 Company Profile

We are engaged in special effects machine has 20 years of experience, and therefore, we have absolute confidence to meet all customer’s requirements. 
There are the other information didn’t list on the page about our latest, most unique and patented products, please connect us immediately to let us introduce our new machines to you. 

KS has high process technology, can provide comprehensive solutions in the shortest time to ensure that customer’s requirements. At the same time, we ensure that each of our products made with highest quality and reasonable prices. 
KS always focus on a supplier’s role of special effects machine, we are convinced that only adhere to high-quality management and suit the customer's position. Therefore, we can establish our own business style and sustainable management of living space.


Our mission is to become a long-term, trusted technology and capacity provider in the global effects industry.

 KS Core Values

Integrity Integrity is our most fundamental and important concept. Once we give a promise to our customers, we must do our best for that.
Innovation Innovation, quality and execution is the source of KS growth.
We’re looking for comprehensive, covering strategy, management, technology, manufacturing and other aspects of innovations.
Customer Partnership The customers are our partners, so we are truly proud of customers' success.
We strive to establish a far-reaching relationship with our customers and become a trusted and important partner for long-term.

Notice: There are the other information didn’t list on the page about our latest and most unique products,
please connect us immediately to bring you an unprecedented maximum profit and marketing successfully! .